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Question: What is the general rate trend of the mangoes and approximate price per kg?

Answer: Alfonzo mangoes are sold by the dozen and not as per kg(mostly).

The Rates reduce every Sunday until end of season.

Eg: The mango which costs approximately  Rs 1500/- retail price per dozen in March ,can become approximately Rs 450/- retail price by 1st week of June.

Question: Do the Mango rates vary basis the maturity of the mango?

Yes the prices vary basis the life stages/maturity of a mango

Eg. The prices of  Raw mangoes are lower as compared to Semi-ripe and ready to eat mangoes, even though in terms of weight raw mangoes are slightly heavier.

The natural ripening process softens the pulp within from the seed to the skin and this entire process is both time and effort consuming, plus wastages are higher.

Question: What is the Refund/Replacement Policy ?

Answer:  Mangoes being a delicate perishable product with a limited season and high dependency on nature , spoilages and damages are possible as no one can predict nature. We are committed  to provide best quality products so incase unfortunately you do receive spoilt or damaged mangoes please complete the form on the CONTACT Page with relevant details and Pictures if you feel appropriate and we will get back to you with our best replacement options.

Please refer to the MANGOCARE page on this website to ensure you maintain the shelf life and the taste of the mango ,consuming them at the right time in order to avoid spoilage and wastage.

Question: Any prices difference between Mangomango rates and Market rates

Answer: Mangomango is committed to give our customers only the best  mangoes and value for the money.

We do not compromise on your health or the  health of your family by using carbide to ripen the mangoes( which by the way is an easier and cheaper process)

We follow the natural ripening process that ensures safe to eat mangoes and wastages during the process if any our borne by us.

The choice therefore is safety, quality and right price given by mangomango or unhealthy & cheap mangoes. We Let you decide.




Question: What is the approximate delivery time for mangoes to be delivered in Pune.

Answer:  Within 24 hours, all days except Sundays.

Question: What is the approximate delivery time for mangoes to be delivered across Maharashtra

Answer:  Approximately 3-4 working days. Pre-paid orders only. NO COD options.

Question: Is there a self Pick up location

Answer: Yes,

MangoMango Godown,

Hingane Chowk (is the signal between Ranka jwellers signal and santosh hall signal) Sinhagadh road, Pune 20


Question: What is the minimum Order to be classified as a Bulk Order  Answer:  A Minimum order of Rs 30,000/-,is classified as Bulk order, Delivery cost are at actuals, Finer details can be discussed once you leave your name and contact details on or CONTACT Page.